The ups and downs of blood sugars

We don’t only eat because we are hungry. Actually hunger is just the signal to remind us that our body needs fuel in order to perform its duties. Our food serves to support our bodies homeostasis. Bu what is that? Well, food is fuel, without fuel we wouldn’t be able to create energy for our cells to work.

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Anxiety is really strange

“Anxiety is really strange” according to author and bodyworker Ste-ve Heines1. Indeed, anxiety is a really uncomfortable state of being and many people are experiencing high levels of it right now. Anxie-ty about getting back to work, how will things be, how close is too close, etc.

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Denise Wogan founded FooDee Nutrition to support people who want to enjoy food and
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Denise has worked with clients suffering from a wide range of conditions including female
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