Have you ever thought of your body as a sum of four parts? Have you ever thought about yourself existing in four bodies? This is the concept that I want you to think about for the month of December. 2021 has been another challenging year, a year full of turmoil where as you adjust to things being one way, suddenly they change again. This takes its toll on all four parts of your body. Our nervous systems are being treated like yoyo’s, and throughout the year, and in the last number of years, I’ve gotten connected with this concept of the four bodies, which allows me to manage the nervous system in a way that feels lighter and easier and even a little fun.

What are the four bodies?

The concept of the four bodies takes a whole or holistic view of what makes up our overall health and well-being and it consists of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies. Explained further:

  • The physical body is the biological vessel we live in.
  • The mental body makes up our thoughts, memory and cognition.
  • The emotional body holds the wisdom of the heart.
  • The spiritual body encompasses our true Self and our purpose.


So let’s think about it, I had only ever thought of the physical one. It’s the most obvious after all. We do have physical body, but we also have to consider our whole being or way of being, and that is our emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. The ones that we can probably connect to the easiest are our physical and our mental bodies. Those get a lot of attention, but we should remember that our energy is divided equally into each of these bodies, and so our emotional and spiritual needs account for 25% each, same as the others.

The physical and the mental side are more easily understood by your body because we can identify with that pattern of thinking. On the mental side we can think and understand thoughts and on the physical side, there is a physical structure, one that we can use to complete actions, so we connect with that quite comfortably.

What we are finding, however, is that the emotional and spiritual side are becoming more a part of the conversation in our society today, which is exciting. We are beginning to normalize this by sharing our experiences of these and bringing more awareness to them. What does this mean? It means being able to BE with emotions, no matter what they are as they come up, and understanding that emotional body that you have. Spirituality, especially, can be hard to connect with in the beginning. It may be difficult for people to see that this is not about religion, or at least it doesn’t have to be. It’s simply a feeling of being connected to whatever it is for you. Is it being connected to others in society, being connected to a higher force or a higher self? There’s so much within and that’s the excitement.

I’ll be talking about this area more in my upcoming blogs but, for December and as you move into January, I wanted to introduce the concepts of the four bodies, the physical self, the mental self, the emotional heart, self and then the spiritual being.

12 tips to support the well-being of your four bodies

I offer holistic coaching to my clients using tools from intuitive eating, breath work, body-image and thought work so that they can generate flow in their body. When one of the bodies is given too much attention we may leave other parts longing for more. When we focus on tight rigid rules around eating in order to support our physical health, we might fail to offer any time to our spiritual body and constantly feel like something is missing. This is such an exciting way of working with yourself. As you begin to discover more about you and how you operate, how you eat becomes easier, you worry less and you have so much more time for stuff that just lights your heart up.

So now, I want to offer some tips that you can take on for this month, tips that support all four bodies and allow you to explore, what might be for you, a whole new approach to well-being. The lead up to Christmas and the days after can impact upon our bodies so with that in mind, I invite you to take on my ‘12 Days of Christmas Challenge’. Here is what I would like you to do:

Day 1 – Show up for yourself – you’ve got to have your own back so do something today to honour your needs.(eg. engage in positive self-talk,  show yourself grace, say no when you want to, eat the food you crave when you crave it, etc.)

Day 2 – Let it out – don’t let frustrations build up internally, talk to a friend, a doctor, a mentor, find a group you can resonate with and share with or simply release some of frustrations with the loudest scream you can manage.

Day 3 – Listen to your heart – where does the heart lead? What direction is it pulling you in? Allow yourself to go there for a moment and explore those feelings.

Day 4 – Get more sleep – sleep clears out your physical and emotional rubbish of the day. 7-9 hours is needed for the average adult so… go to bed! Turn off Netflix, say no to that party.

Day 5 – You don’t need to do it all yourself – it’s ok to ask for help. Be ok with saying no or learn to delegate. We can do anything, but not everything!

Day 6 – Get outside – whether it’s walking, running, swimming, cycling or practicing yoga in the park, get out and breath in some of that fresh air.

Day 7 – Dream – spend some time dreaming today. Let yourself go and imagine beyond your wildest dreams what you would like to achieve. Live there for a moment.

Day 8 – Manage your mind – with all the stress, worry and never ending to-do list that comes with Christmas planning, stop for just a moment and look at the bigger picture. Is it worth it? Is this bringing you enjoyment? Ultimately ask, will this create the results you want?

Day 9 – Get rid of the trolls – invest a little time curating your social media feeds so that you are following only accounts and hashtags that boost you up instead of bringing you down.

Day 10 – Don’t compare yourself to others – drive in your own lane and stop worrying about what route others are taking. Listen to the wisdom of your heart and let it guide you.

Day 11 – Surround yourself with good people – be with the family and friends that make you feel good and limit your contact with those that don’t.

Day 12 – Nourish to flourish – eat what nourishes you and makes you happy. Stop restricting yourself and ignoring your bodies cues. Eat when hungry, stop when full – listen to your body and acknowledge it.

So there you have my ‘12 Days of Christmas Challenge’. Print this blog, give it a go and I guarantee you will feel more peaceful this holiday season. If you are interested and ready to learn more or work with me, here are some ways we can work together: 

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