Denise Wogan is a professional health coach.

I support women, Mammies in particular, who are feeling unconfident in their food choices to first manage their mind, then we create together a plan for what works in their life so that they discover food and ways of eating that feels good in their body, without adding stress.
Whether it’s a lack of confidence, a very life interrupting gut disorder, zero focus or clarity on what to do, a fraught history of dieting, poor body image, Mammy guilt that’s keeping you from achieving your health goals, I help without the diet or restrictive  plan.

Here’s My WHY!

My personal health journey is why I am here. After a long history of ups and downs with food, the lure of food is medicine and the stark realisation that so much had to change if I was going to feel healthy again everyday, not just for 5 minutes was what drew me to this work.

As a nutrition coach, my job is to help you achieve your health goals however I understand that health is much more complicated a simple diet plan. So while we work on modifying HOW you eat, we also work on your confidence and self-esteem, personal passions of mine when it comes to eating.

So that is why Nutrition Coaching with me is a little different, I will ask you to work hard, but make what you think is hard feel easy and fun. I will be there holding your accountability, providing you with tools from many disciplines that will see you think and grow into a healthier version of you, with out the diet plan. I offer my support borrowing from the disciplines of Nutritional Therapy and Coaching.

Everything I have experienced to date, IBS and psoriasis, my daily challenges with being a stay at home, my pursuit of the all elusive health and happiness have challenged me no end. Perfectionism has been the driving force within me, the motivator to succeed. But it wasn’t a helpful ally until I finally learned how to manage my thoughts, accept and overcome over-thinking and anxiety.

Once I finally invested in myself, I mean really committed to the ‘transformation that goes deep within’ I found that what scared me most was the thoughts of the changes I had to make.

If you have felt like you are a failure because no matter what you tried with your food, it still didn’t solve anything, you are in the right place.

What I have learned is that perfect eating, perfect health is a mirage, there is no ideal end point, it’s exactly as I say, a non linear path of discovery and change.

Life continues to change, triggers happen and coaching supports me everyday in my life still. I want to teach this to you.

There is no day when you finally say that’s it I am done, I am now free from disordered eating, diet culture, poor body image, psoriasis, IBS. This is the illusion we were thought for many years.

There is however a day when you can see things through a new lens, you trust the tools you have gathered and you manage to THRIVE even when the sh*t hits the fan.

As you show up and DO THE WORK, the real work beyond the diet and physical appearance, you will learn from the experience of your life without judging or berating yourself for not knowing better.

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” ~ Anthony Robbins

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A Little Bit About Me

When I am supporting amazing women find their fun stuff, you’ll find me dipping in the sea, challenging myself in the gym and on the yoga mat.

Full disclosure, movement was not a huge part of my life in my burn out days and I celebrate that in my head everyday. And when I have time and motivation I cook up a storm for anyone who’d be happy to eat with me. And then there’s the coffee and cake times.

I am wondering if you are still here, what is it you are looking for?

My Stars And Strips

Over the past number of years it’s been my mission to train extensively in many disciplines so that I can draw on the best of those to facilitate your discoveries.

I understand that changing health behaviour is not as easy as a 6 week plan. This is why I adopt a non-diet, weight inclusive approach in my practice; carefully educating and coaching behavioural changes, introducing concepts from intuitive eating, mindset coaching, transactional analysis, CBT, breath work, body image coaching and mindfulness when the time is right for YOU.

Most recently I have started studying in Counselling and Psychotherapy and look forward to receiving my degree in 2023.

My Learnings To Date

Some describe the essence of coaching as raising awareness and responsibility within an individual to unlock potential and maximize performance, I replace performance with capacity to live your meaningful life. I trained with Coaching Development, in a highly experimental course developing my attitude, skills and key competencies of an effective, professional coach; interpersonal skills, empathic listening and questioning, processes from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the psychological model of Transactional Analysis. However I didn’t just learn how to be a coach, I BECAME a coach who lives by the tools and techniques I learned to this day. The primary focus is to develop and refine our inherent interpersonal skills, such as perceptive, empathic listening and questioning, and our ability to engage with others so as to create real connection, clarity, choice and forward action.

On completing Part I Diploma in Professional Skills I continued to work with a mentor and received my ICF credential at Associate Certified Coach (ACC), the process of credentialing develops our skills to the standard they need to be to serve our clients. This certification ensures that coaches meet the appropriate standards, ethics and are up to date with their methods.

I was drawn to continue my studies in Nutrition and continued studying Nutritional Therapy, a core component of Functional Medicine, with the IINH. This approach is holistic and focused on the individual, using food and lifestyle recommendations to assist clients to restore and safeguard sound health. During my 4 years of study, I reconnected with science studying anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathophysiology and pharmacology heavily grounded in the latest scientific research. Nutritional therapists may sound similar to dieticians however we are not the same. A dietician is qualified to work with individuals who have a health condition and you may be referred to one by your GP or other health care practitioner. As a nutritional therapist, we are trained to assess an individual’s symptoms and review their diet to see what vitamins or minerals that they may be deficient in, and suggest a diet that may help support their particular problem in order to support a client to restore and support health.

I am registered with Nutritional Therapists Association of Ireland adhere to their Code of Ethics. Registration is mandatory, and all therapists who are members have to be trained from an accredited course, have to annually prove they are continuing their training and have to abide by specific codes of conduct to remain certified.

Our diet and lifestyle impact our health, however with first hand experience of this, I know that changing the habits of a lifetime is hard. As a Nutrition Coach I supports women to eat intuitively so they can reconnect with food and ultimately themselves. I empowers my clients to realise your health and wellness goals through creating a safe space for you to rediscover a peaceful and nourishing relationship with food. I help you to get clear on your wellness-related goals through motivation and education, co creating the change map facilitating you to discover your strengths, build your resource bucket so you can maintain this way or eating and living change with ease.


I support my clients both face to face and online, bringing a rounded and blended approach to how she works with each individual. Denise has worked with clients suffering from a wide range of conditions specialising in digestive issues, skin conditions, and emotional eating.


I am always cognisant of my professional non-diagnostic capacity and as such have registered with The UK Health Coaches Association in order to maintain the highest standards in my practice as a health coach and adhere to a Scope of Practice and professional Code of Conduct unique and appropriate to this profession.

Blending disciplines is what I consider my greatest skill and passion. Breathing is often forgotten as one of the most important nutrients when it comes to creating energy in our body. Our modern existence has seen that our breathing patterns have altered and not for the betterment of our health. Having experienced the power of breathing I wanted to learn how I can can teach you to use your breath to impact you mind and body. The act of inhaling vs. exhaling affects your nervous system offering multiple benefits. I learned from Lucas at YogaBody because I like what he says, complicated breath work is very helpful for many, but most of us just need a little guidance to alter and use of breath efficiently. I learned the science of breath work, how asses clients breathing and many breathing exercises that my clients tell me as quite simply…amazing.

I realised that Diets don’t work a long time ago, and the moment I came across Stephanie I knew she was the lady to support me to develop my practice to a non-diet model. I went on a 6 month journey with some wonderful ladies where we uncovered the truths behind diet culture, our relationship with food and body image all the will learning how to operate ethical in a health profession so that you are SAFE. I started this programme feeling I need more information on intuitive eating, mindfulness and emotional intelligence  and to really look at how to support women around their body image. I emerged CONFIDENT having discovered what its like to live in a NEUTRAL body. Truth to share I am still mastering the ART of self coaching and that’s ok.

As I began my practice I could see that many clients I worked with were struggling with binge/emotional eating. Up to 30% of all adults seeking weight loss support meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder, and as weight loss is a conversation that came up in my clinic quite frequently I wanted to train myself to support clients. The Eating Freely Programme is six month specialist program that adds real value to my clients beyond weight loss. I learned specific and targeted Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuroscience tools along with Mindful Self Compassion practices to ensure my clients are supported in a safe and encouraging environment.

The beauty in discovering your passion is there is never an end to the learning and the joy of the world today is the abundance of professionals and supports available to us that allow us navigate and focus our learning. While I am confident in my work as a Coach for disordered eating, I undertook training with Marino Therapy Centre so that I can work effectively with any client who seeks my support. Our practitioners are specialists in body image issues and nutritional issues. I gained teachings on how to work with clients to let go of self-destructive coping mechanisms, discover and nurture positive changes within ones life along with cognitive and behavioural tools that allow a client to experience recovery from Eating Distress. I will only work with clients discussing their nutrition intake as part as of multi-discipline approach, I do not currently counsel or provide therapy to client with Eating Disorders.

In 2004 I received my first degree, Bachelor of Business Studies & French in University of Limerick. Academically I studied economics, finance and French. Experientially I travelled to France and Luxembourg to study and work as part of my education programme which gave me the opportunity to see the world and experience first hand of what it was truly like to live in a multicultural environment.

And I continue to learn every single say as I work with YOU, the people who teach me more than any books could ever about the amazing resilience and brilliance of WOMEN.

I know that you could probably figure this out, the information is there. However instead of sifting through countless google searches, unfinished self help book, I can give you an experience that allows you to DISCOVER from the inside out how to eat freely, to live with ease and confidence and change at the deepest level by trusting your INNATE WISDOM.

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