I support you to enjoy what you eat and achieve the health goals you desire.

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.
– Oprah Winfrey –

Hello, I am Denise a Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach.

I am on a mission to support people to find joy and confidence in what they eat. I help people with all sorts of complaints but focus mainly on those who struggle with digestive conditions, thyroid dysfunction and emotional eating. I work with you to make effective long-term change to how you eat.


I support you
  • to uncover the underlying dietary and lifestyle triggers that are influencing how you feel.

  • by assisting you to focus on the simple small steps that you can make everyday that will ultimately leave you feeling better.

  • by co-creating with you a plan that you feel is achievable and not overwhelming.

  • by mostly listening to you and guiding you to find answer and strength to achieve what you desire in your Wellness goals.

Evidence based
Health Coaching
Personalised Nutrition
Motivation & Support

Give yourself permission to invest in yourself.

Download my Getting Started Checklist that will support you in making the first step

Do you want to use food as part of the tools you can control to feel better?
Do you suffer in silence with digestives troubles and accept them as normal?
Do you want to work hard to change your approach to food?

People I work with

1. Emotional Eating, yo-yo diets
2. Poor food relationships
3. Unhealthy obsession with eating – good foods too!
4. Digestive complaints like IBS, diverticulitis, bloating and gas
5. Feeling low or tired all the time
6. Thyroid troubles that leave you feeling worn out.

My approach:

A little more detail on how my work flows!

As a therapist I rely on logic and scientific reason for the dietary and lifestyle recommendations I make. I then use coaching to tap into your inner self, to uncover emotions and behaviours that are not serving you best in your health journey.

My approach is incremental.

I show you how to grow and change your brain but we need to be patient as your body takes this new learning in its own time.

My approach is to work with you as a whole.

I look at how you are eating, your self-care habits, your relationships, your sources of laughter or your anxiety levels. I will guide you on self-awareness and self-compassion. 

My approach is honest.

When we can’t control what is happening to us, we can control how we react to our situation. I support you, with honesty and empathy to uncover what you can do to react in the most optimal way for your health. 

My approach involves laughter and adventure.

I meet you where you are at. We pace your journey, we work hard but we will laugh along the way. Nutrition can be too serious. Stress hurts your gut and it’s tiny microbes which is why I do things differently. We leave judgement and guilt at the door and embrace learning, living and laughter.

FooDee Nutrition is about partnerships and for any partnership to be successful, we both need to play a role.

So while we will do plenty of work together in the sessions, I will suggest activities for you to engage with each week like reading, journalling and reflections and new actions in the kitchen. As you make the small changes everyday, the more likely you are to see bigger shifts in how you are feeling but also how you approach what you are doing. You might think I am a pain when I ask you to monitor how full you feel after your meals, and record how the experience was for you. You might think this is nonsense but as you begin to see to notice that HOW you are eating is impacting your fullness, reducing your symptoms, and your energy, you will be grateful.

My Professional credentials

  • BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching.

  • Crossfields Institute Diploma in Nutritional Science and Therapeutics

  • Professional Life Coach Accredited Coach Specific Training with International Coaching Federation

  • Bachelor of Business Studies & French in University of Limerick

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