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Learning to Live Your Best Life With Chronic Illness – Part 3

So if you’ve read part 1 and 2, you’ll know that on this journey of learning to live your best life with a chronic illness, we've talked about firstly, showing up every day with a little bit of curiosity and seeing what can you learn. And the second piece is being prepared to unlearn, and [...]

Learning to Live Your Best Life With Chronic Illness – Part 32021-03-19T02:26:35+00:00

Learning to Live your Best Life with Chronic Illness – Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of "learning to live your best life with chronic illness", the second piece that I want to chat to you about in terms of your health goals and supporting yourself is, what are the beliefs that you have around the condition that you've been told that you have? How much [...]

Learning to Live your Best Life with Chronic Illness – Part 22021-03-10T14:09:50+00:00

Learning to Live your Best Life with Chronic Illness | Part 1

So, in this blog series, I am talking about how you can learn to live your best life even after you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. I am going to talk to you about how showing up every day with curiosity to learn is hugely important. I will speak about your beliefs and [...]

Learning to Live your Best Life with Chronic Illness | Part 12021-03-04T00:47:05+00:00

Our amazing brains

This was our second encounter with warrior camp this year and I have not been let down with either. I grew up in the country side where being outdoors for the summer was just how it was. Our cousins were our best friends, we trailed rivers and fields of cut grass making cubby houses in bushes and feeding our dolls mud pie.

Our amazing brains2020-10-29T21:54:29+00:00

Emotions driving what you eat?

Emotional Eating is a powerful way to find relief, it’s why we all do it at some point or other. But if this cycle is bugging you at the moment and you just need a couple of ideas to help then look at HOW you are eating.

Emotions driving what you eat?2020-10-19T15:45:35+00:00

What does Metabolism actually mean?

Major restriction or dieting can infact slow down your metabolism. The short term gain is that you lose the weight and feel better, yay! However I have some news for you, many current studies are now showing that those who lose that weight rapidly ultimately end up regaining the weight after a period of time. Why is this? Well if you’ve been at a particular weight for a period of time, the body gets happy there. Our body and brain are lazy, they like being comfortable. And for reasons not fully understood yet, our body does everything it can to get back to this metallic set point, the one where it’s comfortable(6).

What does Metabolism actually mean?2020-10-04T13:16:28+00:00

Food Rules, Food Guilt and DIETS

In essence what I am saying is that if you want to have create meaningly change with your dietary choices everyday then you will need to work hard on discovering and aligning your values to your actions. Sounds like an easy thing to do but this can be challenging as it’s not how we are used to thinking. And our lazy but great brain prefers doing things the easy way.

Food Rules, Food Guilt and DIETS2020-09-28T18:45:23+00:00

The ups and downs of blood sugars

We don’t only eat because we are hungry. Actually hunger is just the signal to remind us that our body needs fuel in order to perform its duties. Our food serves to support our bodies homeostasis. Bu what is that? Well, food is fuel, without fuel we wouldn’t be able to create energy for our cells to work.

The ups and downs of blood sugars2020-09-14T16:13:59+00:00


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