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FooDee’s Food Club

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I am offering this 12 week programme designed to look at your relationship with you, your food and how you interact with your environment. We take these new learnings of yourself and use them to create actionable steps to effectively change your diet and lifestyle habits that haven’t been serving you best. We will work on helping you to feel IN CONTROL every single day of what you are eating.

“Always embrace the common humanity that lies at the heart of us all”
Dalai Lama

My priority in this Club is to bring pleasure back into how you are eat, acceptance to how you feel about your body and how to really embrace this word called self-care in meaningful ways that are relevant to your health and wellbeing.

Who is this club for?

Someone who wants to eat without fear, guilt or shame.

I believe that you can eat perfectly nutritious food that you love and perfectly nutritious food that your body needs together. You don’t have to cook from scratch every whole single day. You don’t have to avoid cheese toasties or even chocolate chip cookies to be healthy. I believe that in addressing the mental anguish that you’re attitude to foods have brought you can you calm your nervous system enough to be able to eat as much of the stuff you love, along with changing your palate so that you enjoy the nutrient dense foods you need for your bodies optimal function. That 80:20 gem again.

Someone who wants to find pleasure in what they eat again. 

This might mean you have been working on dietary measures to support your health and you are beginning to notice you are worrying to much about what you are eating or not eating. Or you have spent many years on the ‘yo-yo’ cycle, a constant internal struggle of labelling yourself as good or bad depending on what you’ve eaten.

Someone who wants to be in control of their own hunger and fullness cues.

If you are fed up with someone else telling you when you are full. If you are frustrated by all the constant flow of conflicting information you are reading, then you may just have found the right place. We were born with an innate sense that tells us our body has had its fill of nutrients, we instinctively knew when to stop eating. But as society and history of famine will have it, we now interact with food as if we are in a famine despite having disposing of over 1million tonnes of food waste annually in Ireland. So if you want to take back control, this program will offer you some through provoking concepts around this.

Someone with niggly symptoms they need support managing

You’re reading the evidence that nutrition is effective for the prevention and management of symptoms of many chronic lifestyle conditions. You’ve seen that food can leave you feel amazing…you are eating a fairly balanced diet and YET something feels off. Using DIET and LIFESTYLE interventions is not prescriptive, its a journey of ups and downs and it takes looking at your whole life in order for real change to happen. So how you are with others, how your work/life balance is, how much exercise you take, how well you absorb your food are all factors that we will look at.

Anyone who is ready to think a little differently.

My program is not designed for weight loss, so if that is what you are looking for then this isn’t the place for you. But if you have tried all the January diet, the 6 week plan to the perfect bikini body and are exhausted by the thoughts of another attempt like this then this might be the right option for you. If you are ready to leave weight loss off the agenda for a couple of weeks to build your trust in food again, then this could be a good fit for you.


Hitting you with the DIRECT Stuff

There will be dietary advice however that is not the primary focus, this Club is all about building awareness of you, so we will go deep. And just like learning to drive a car, it can be frustrating to unlearn habits.

Nothing changes without change. One of the first questions you will be asked is how committed you are to change…are you willing to give 15 minutes a day to think about what you are learning and plan actions for change?

This Club is about TRUST, and not WEIGHT LOSS. This Club is about DISCOVERY, and not about AVOIDANCE. This Club is about INCLUSION, in both your diet and your life, and not about RESTRICTION. There is no quick fix in this, so have a think and see if you have the time to commit to something.

Common humanity…Through the conection, love and support you will get from those on this journey you will see that you are not ALONE and that you can DO THIS. People make this work special.

YOU will feel LIGHTER in your mind, CONFIDENT about what you eat, HEALTHY as you get about your business everyday and MOSTLY you will be in CONTROL of you choices everyday.

The Admin Stuff

  • Sessions are one hour long and will be held on Zoom in the short term.

  • Each week we will explore different aspects of eating, lifestyle and behaviours. This programme is offered as an experience so you will be engaging in group think, developing you own ideas, in-class activities and actions for home.

  • Can’t make it for one of the session, that’s no problem, I will send you through the notes and exercises and have a short call with you to bring you up to speed. I do advise that you don’t miss more than 1-2 sessions as you will miss out on the invaluable group learning.

  • Payment can be made online, paid in advance. I can facilitate some payments arrangements.

  • Small group coaching, maximum 8 people in attendance. A minimum of 6 is required for the course to run.

  • You will be part of a buddy system, where you will pair off and keep in touch over the course encouraging and supporting each other as we go.

  • Other supporting material includes recipes, meal plans, handouts and recommended readings.

FooDee’s Food Club

“Would definitely recommend FooDee 4 week course. Course delivered in a relaxed, easy to follow way with lots of delicious, healthy tasters to try every week. It has made me think about what I put on my plate and in my girls lunch boxes to get the balance right. Denise is passionate about her subject and certainly has made me passionate about good wholesome food. Thanks Denise ”
“I have just recently completed the Food Matters programme by FooDee. The course was well structured ,informative and communicated. It is a super course and Denise is passionate about nutrition and assisting others in improving their diets. I loved it and highly recommend FooDee to help you with all your nutritional needs. It was relaxed and fun.”