Focus on health and wellbeing. What does that really mean? When we think about health, we think about it including lots of health promoting behaviours into our life in order to improve our quality of life, so that we feel better every day. It even impacts who you are and how you’re interacting with others and in your environment. Essentially, it impacts how you show up in the world. 

The pillars or the key things that we think about in those health promoting behaviors are:

  • Your nutrition
  • Your sleep
  • Your movement 
  • Your mind

The growth of health promoting behaviours

Years ago, when we thought about health, we thought about going into the health food store where it maybe smelled of incense and the people there gave off this tree-hugger kind of persona. This was the perception of what health was and who you had to be to be healthy.

Today, it’s a different story. Today it’s the popular thing to do. With greater access to knowledge and more “role models” in the space, it has become a trending topic. We are all striving and working on our health promoting behaviors. However, what happens with trends is they quickly become an industry. And this is my warning to you. Well, let’s call it a reminder. 

Why health is not a one-size fits all model

At every stage of your life, your body has different needs. But, at every stage of your life, your life has different needs. We don’t all have the same amount of time to invest in ourselves. And this health empowerment, or this nutrition or clean eating movement, whatever you want to call it. This focus on being perfect in terms of how we go about things and what we do in these health promoting behaviors. It might often be just a disguise for another way for us to be shamed or to feel guilty that we just don’t match up.  

So right now as you read this, I want you to take stock. I want you to step back and remind yourself that there is a vast amount of information out there, but you get the CHOICE as to whether you want to embrace it and take it into your life. It is YOUR life. It is YOUR body. It is YOUR choice. And what we really don’t need is more guilt and shame floating around in the world. We need to be mindful that there are lots of different reasons why not everyone will have the same body or be in the same state health. Not everyone has the time to focus on all the health pillars at the same time.

Showing yourself grace is healthy

We’re all from very different backgrounds and there are very different reasons why we may not have the be on the same health journey. So bear that in mind for yourself. It’s YOUR choice. You can engage or not engage with as much as feels comfortable for you right now. And, if you really and truly hold that in your heart, it would be enough of a health promoting behaviour in and of itself.