Empower Your Gut

Ready to make your GUT invincible?

Your GUT can truly support your physical and mental well-being.

  • Are you fed up of feeling just MEH every day?
  •  Do you suffer from frequent cramps, fatigue, gas, headaches and the rest; and no matter what you try, you can’t seem to make those symptoms go away?

  •  Are you new to all this GUT talk but super keen to gather tips about how to look after your GUT?

Did you know that:

10-15% of the population worldwide suffer from gastrointestinal(GI) disorder.

40% of people have mild IBS and don’t even recognise symptoms.1 

Through my programme I will guide you through the digestive tract exploring the wonders of this incredibly long organ. Because we learn best together, I create an open environment that facilitates discussions and discovery of how to take care of this sensitive part of your body, how to mind these extraordinary community of microbes.

What if I told you:

You can eat gluten, it’s not causing your bloating.
You can enjoy an ice cream again, it’s not the culprit for your bowel movements.
What if you didn’t have to check out where the bathrooms are next time we are lucky enough to go to an event?

You see the truth is that MOST people you will have worked with to date will probably give you a list of WHAT NOT TO EAT.

What’s the number one way to drive you brain wild?
IT’s to tell it NOT to do something.

Most advice you’ve read…perhaps even heard…has focused on what you should take out of your diet.

Why? Because it’s easier …

Simply it’s easier for our brains to work with loosing…we trend towards the negative 9/10.

So if you worked with encouraging that negativity bias, I want to share with you that it’s not your willpower that has left you here…feeling deflated and worn out because nothing is changing.

It’s easier to say don’t rather than encourage you to TRY NEW things.

You don’t want to miss your place

Niggling upset tummy, nausea. Heartburn/reflux.

Dry skin, adult acne, even eczema or psoriasis.

Can’t decide what foods you struggle to digest.

Embarrassing gas/bloating, alternating constipation & diarrhoea

Your diet is very ‘white’, you don’t much like veggies.

If you want something to change, then you will need to stop doing what you are doing and learn how to do things differently.

IT is a LIFESTYLE change.

And in order to change we need to invest TIME.

And we need to be patient for the results.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” Leo Tolstoy

Build your relationship with food and truly notice your health improve in this 6 week group coaching.

I create a safe and encouraging environment to facilitate your transformation, from the inside out.

You will learn how to hear what your GUT is saying.

You will learn how to TRUST what you are hearing.

This is somewhere to chat about eating, about digestion and how it makes you feel.

It’s a place to learn together.

Each week you will be given challenges and exercises to move you closer to your desire.

I know you are frustrated. I know you feel disillusioned because everything you have tried to date has ended up being a quick but short lived win.

That’s what happens when we only find sticky plasters in the medicine box.

You are probably pinning all your hopes on this programme because if this doesn’t work, you are worried nothing will ever help.

In order to feel the difference you need to work on CHANGE.

Has anyone ever worked with you and supported you through change?

Did anyone ever mention to you about how normal it is to want to CHANGE but RESIST it every step of the way?

Change is complicated, humans desire to lose something of value. Your GUT microbes desire to loose what they value too.

Has anyone you’ve worked with taken the time to explain why you could change and what the implications will be for you?

Have you ever sat and thought about what your belief is about the change you’re about to embark on? Are there some beliefs telling you that you’ve already changed.

“Denise helped me change my relationship firstly with myself and then with food. Denise was amazing and I haven’t felt this well in years.”



Ready to SIGN UP

I am Denise, Irish native, mother to 3, wife to himself, food enthusiast (I eat all foods), thrill seeker (I do love a new challenge), passionate learner and my kids are embarrassed by my embarrassing Mammy dancing round the kitchen sink.

I founded FooDee Nutrition 2 years ago to support people who want to enjoy food and feel good after they eat.

As a Nutritional therapist and Life Coach I bring a rounded and holistic approach to your journey of change, your transformation that starts from the inside.

Do you want to learn how to feed your mind so that it feels safe?
Do you want to learn how to feed your GUT so that your mind feels safe?
Do you want to finally learn about your GUT in simple and easy to understand ?

If you are interested in shifting your mindset to overcome your challenging GUT symptoms that you have begun to accept as normal, join me on this 6-week programme.

Here’s what you’ll get

– 6-Week Nutri-Education webinar.
– Nutrition & lifestyle coaching and accountability in a friendly non judgmental small group setting (much needed time to focus on you)
– Meal planning and recipe suggestions to test and taste each week.
– Lots of practical tips and tricks from someone who has made the changes.
– PDF resource folder to refer back to at home, added to each week.


– Private Facebook group for 1 month post course completion to support continued growth and accountability.
– Recipe booklet, these are home-cooking ideas not chef masterpieces. Everyday cooks here!
– FooDee eJournal to support your learning and personal growth.


Starting April 21st Wednesday evening, 8pm – 9:15pm for 6 weeks.

April 28th Dig deep into learning about YOUR GUT
May 5th Exploring your Values, writing your own rules.
May 12th Discussing how to add nutrient density to your mealtimes.
May 19th How’s that lifestyle change coming along?
May 26th Reflecting on what you’ve achieved, reminder of your toolkit.

Investment in your health €250

Limited number of places available

Purchase an online ticket or by booking in person or by phone with Denise.

Secure your place today

I came to FooDee to help me, with what felt like a lifetime of issues with my digestive system. No matter what I ate or didn’t eat, i always had some pain or other, along with constant bloating. After just a few sessions with Denise, i was pain and symptom free for the first time in over 10 years.

After years of gut and bowel issues a friend recommended I have a chat with Denise . 
Within 5 minutes of meeting Denise I knew she was someone who was going to help me… 
Denise helped me change my relationship firstly with myself and then with food. Denise was amazing and I haven’t felt this well in years.”

I just wanted to let you know that I am so glad I listened to my gut even though at the time I didn’t even fully understand that concept and that I took on the programme with you.  You have taught me so much but I think for me the really big learning I had from you is to question myself. Its something I never did before and always thought things had to be done the way I was used to doing them, even my food and exercise but you have opened up a world of thoughts and knowledge to me that I never knew existed. You’re passion for learning and listening to your body has definitely infected me and my relationship with food is so much better now.

Are you ready to start your journey?