Our bodies and brains are fascinating…today let’s chat about our brain a bit

Neurons are fascinating, they are the cells in our brain that send messages for things like muscle movement, or they are involved in our senses like taste and smell. We now understand that new neurons can be born in the adult CNS. Therefore our personality and potential are not hardwired for life…So no you don’t get to shout “sure I’ve always been this way” anymore. 

If you’re anything like me the first time I heard this I questioned why this is relevant? What does it really mean?

Thoughts, create emotions which lead to behaviour. So when you finally get on top of your Cue’s or you might know this as your triggers, you might ask what next?

Well this is where our cool neurons are coming into their own. When you want to make a new behaviour then you have to send signals from the brain to grow the pathways for action. And each time we do it, the stronger it gets. A new pathway is like a thread. So each time you try it it gets less uncomfortable….just like your crunch reps!

As the rope thread gets stronger and stronger, through being consistent and repetitive to the task the neural pathway becomes a rope…a new habit. And hey presto, that means we can now proudly say “I used to be this way but I am no longer, today I am ….”

And just as I build all this hope, I bring you to realism for a minute as if it was just as easy as black or white none of us would find change difficult. 

If you brain is not firing at its best, we can notice things like big feelings, forgetfulness or distraction. And we can notice we keep tell ourselves the same old story that keeps us stuck in the same loop. It’s comfortable here you see.

Deanna Minnich, talks of the power of the rainbow. Her rainbow however is not just brightly coloured veggies, she shows us that in mastering emotions we can achieve harmony in our body systems. So to move out of comfort, we need to harness our GUT instinct and rely less on over-logic and feel a little uncomfortable as we learn. 

As you balance the chemistry of your brain, well your body fights with it less and people tend to notice they are healthier and happier. What does that chemistry involve? It means we work on our neurotransmitters. 

The ones I like to think about for eating and health are the following:

  • Dopamine is our pleasure and reward, you know that falling in love feeling. 
  • Serotonin is our happy hormone, like when you have a gorgeous massage. 
  • Oxytocin is not simply reserved for us Mums during labour, we will feel this through regular cuddles and hugs. 
  • Endorphins are that real high excitement feeling you might get after winning a race. 

These guys all impact our mood, and in turn our drivers for behaviour. When we actively work on building new neural pathways that support the flow of these chemicals, this habit loop above begins to feel a hell of a lot more positive. 

This is one way of being- 

I got up late – I am going to be late – I waste time being frustrated about being  late – I forget something – I AM LATE and the bad stuff keeps happening.

However this is a far better way of being- 

I woke up late – It’s ok to be late – I am going to stop and breathe for 2 mins and decide my priorities – I choose to be ok with being late – I am trying my best – I AM LATE and that’s ok. I choose to park this and not to let it impact my performance.

Tune in during the week on my social media as I offer you 5 ways to influence that neural pathway growth and boost these neurotransmitters for your BENEFIT.

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