Introducing The Confident Eater Club

Learning to Eat Without RULES

An online, interactive programme to help you rock up to the fridge, eat and carry on with your day. I know you want me to tell you what to eat, but I encourage you to explore HOW you eat.

Join me on a journey of discovery where we explore intuitive eating, breath work and self-awareness; and build your skillset as a confident calm eater.

6 Week Programme Starts Week of January 16th

Does this sound familiar?

• You thoroughly enjoy your job and work.

• You are managing work, home, social life, kids activities, exercise routine, personal aspirations.

• You feed your children 3 wonderful meals but you somehow wind up eating the packet of biscuits hidden in the corner for dinner.

• You are tired and you want more energy to do all the things you enjoy.

• You just CANNOT face another diet!

• You know deep down there is work to do but you need support and guidance in a safe space with others who feel the same.

Had you found your head nodding…is there a tiny flicker of hope in your heart that feels you can still do this, that you can finally master eating?

 If you want to do this, and do it in a way that is supportive, sustainable and successful…then you are in the right place!!

I have created this programme to help you understand how to feel more energy and how to do the stuff you want to do WITHOUT the diet!

When everything feels out of control it is so hard to resist the urge to just try the diet again. But deep in your heart you know it hasn’t worked, it has failed you time and time again.

This programme helps you to create a new relationship with food, a new relationship with YOURSELF.

We will be learning the principles of intuitive eating, the tools to help us manage our thoughts (the ones you hear but don’t want to admit), how to effectively use your breath to create energy in your everyday and more.

In the end you will:

  • Grant yourself permission to put your SELF CARE on your to-do list.
  • Understand the concept of Intuitive Eating.
  • Learn tools to manage your thoughts so that you aren’t relying on food, or diets to bring you happiness.
  • Learn how to use your BREATH effectively to create energy for ACTION.
  • Because you love food, know how to eat without any judgment on the food you are grateful to have.
  • Identify the sabotaging behaviours that keep your stuck in endless diets.

  • Identify your personal eating patterns and what is triggering the negative relationship with food.

  • Know how to listen to your hunger and fullness cues and practice eating towards satisfaction.
  • Gather a bag of tools to help you manage your eating.

Come on ladies, put yourself into the driver seat again and choose where you want to go!!

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About Me

I am Denise and I am a registered Nutritional Therapist and a Professional Life Coach.

My goal is to help you relax about eating, to build confidence in your food choice so that you don’t find yourself controlled by your food, exhausted by the rules and fed up with no results. I draws on my academic and professional experience to bring you this interactive learning experience. However what I really strive to bring to the table is honesty and integrity. I live what I speak and I have used all these tools and more in my own life to support my health and wellbeing. I’ve been on that All or Nothing pendulum but have found a happy medium.

So what’s included?

1. Learning:

This programme includes 6 short pre-recorded lessons that you can listen to in your own time and at your own convenience.

The subject matter you will learn includes:

Lesson 1 Use Intuitive Eating principles to boost your energy.

I will talk you through each of the principles, giving you ideas and challenges as your begin your journey. In this lesson, we will focus on a few of the principles, because as eager as you are to do them all today, taking things slowly is best. We will talk about diet culture, honouring your health by learning to eat according to hunger, fullness and satisfaction.

Lesson 2 Indulge in some self-care.

Why is it that women can support, fix, rescue everyone else in the world, but when it comes to looking after ourselves we get stuck. We won’t be looking at looking after yourself in the conventional way of busying yourself with beauty appointments, we are going to learn in this session the value for slowing down, how your body responds, how your health benefits, how your eating patterns will change.

Lesson 3 Let’s talk about “normal’ eating?

Learn the typical traits of someone who rocks up to a fridge, creates a meal, eats, enjoys and moves on with life. We will be looking at the triggers for your erratic eating patterns and providing you with 3 actionable tips to practice eating more freely. You will get an understanding of the different types of hunger; physical, emotional and cravings.

Lesson 4 Manage those thoughts.

I know that part of the struggle to change behaviour is the inner voice in there that gives you heaps of flack every time you try and fail. Bringing compassion and kindness into your eating is a catalyst for change. I will teach you the most exciting tool I have learned yet to manage that nagging little voice inside and you will see it works.

Lesson 5 You are POWERFUL.

This is it, this is the thing I want you to learn more. In this lesson you will delve into the whole phenomenon that you are the best expert of yourself. You will learn why it’s so important to reflect on your past experiences as a learning tool rather than a stick to beat yourself up with. You will identify your strengths and coping mechanisms in times of challenge and learn how to use these as your build your peaceful relationship with food.

Lesson 6 Practicing Gentle Nutrition.

In this lesson, I will share with you intuitive eating tools that will allow you to once and for all stop the fighting with food. You will discover what it means to truly give yourself unconditional permission to eat…ALL foods. You know that advice you’ve been given to keep the foods out of the house, well we will do a fun exercise allowing you to start bringing even your most feared food back into your cupboard.

There ain’t no learning without effort, so I have created lots of worksheets for you to reflect, challenge and grow your thoughts, beliefs and values around eating. In the end you will have learned how to speak to yourself in the way you would love your child to speak to herself. YOU WILL BE PART OF THE STORY OF CHANGE THAT IS UNFOLDING. It’s never too late change the story you are telling yourself, the story you are conditioned to believe. You can change.

2. YogaBreathing – Water, Whiskey and Coffee breath:

Think of your breathing as either water, whiskey or coffee. Water breath is balancing, always a good choice, day or night; and it can be used freely without a worry. Whiskey breath is down-regulating, relieves stress, and can help put you to sleep. Coffee breath is up-regulating, wakes you up, and prepares your body for activity and exercise. Your breathing pattern is defined primarily by your rate of breathing, meaning how fast or how slowly you breathe. In todays busy world we breath at slightly-elevated breathing pattern than is “normal”. You can affect your breath and your nervous system response in a matter of minutes simply by changing your breathing rate.

I teach you Yoga Breathing for stress relief, digestion, energy, and deep sleep. You will learn the above three breaths and get amazing health results.

3. Accountability:

I will run a live coaching session each week after you have had the chance to listen to your learnings. And because I want you to get the most from this money but more importantly time investment I will encourage you to submit your exercises within our private Facebook community, offering support throughout the week. The weekly coaching sessions are an opportunity for you to be coached in a group setting, to ask questions and clarify your thoughts on all that you are learning. They also promise to be light hearted, interactive and fun. These will take place either on Tuesday, January 17th at 8:30pm or Saturday, January 21st at 10am (to be confirmed with sign-ups vote).

4. Downloadable stuff:

There will be lots of other tools and resources available to you so that you can download them and continue your journey in your own time. These will include exercise to help build trust in your food choice, dismantle the food rules, learnings list, dealing with life’s challenges without food, design your own personal coping mantra and more.

5. Learning from others:

As I have said many times before, I can learn the academia, I can learn from my professional experiences. I have learned and continue to learn from my experience. But I cannot learn it all. I encourage you to take your learnings from as many sources as possible so that you can form your own opinions and beliefs from as many sources as possible. There will be 2 live specialist conversations during our time together.

6. Facebook Group Access:

You will learn so much in our 6 weeks together, I know that. And your brain can only take in so much that is why you will be given 3 months free access to my private Facebook Group where we can continue your learning and journey together as a group. This group will be interactive with new learnings and accountability prompts.

Yes! I want in!

What my clients say….

“My journey with Denise has been an extremely positive experience. I learned so much about food, exercise and health – both in terms of fuel and enjoyment. I look forward to our sessions in which Denise points me in the right direction but lets me find my own way which is hugely satisfying and exciting! Of course there are times when I fall of the wagon (which pre FooDee could last months) but Denise, in her non-judgmental manner helps me find a way to get right back in the saddle and onwards again. I really enjoy the insightful way in which Denise helps me develop a positive and fun relationship with food, exercise and general well being, in a way full of humour and wisdom.”

“I had so much to say and so much to thank you for at the end of our final session but as you could see I was overcome with emotion when I had to say goodbye and could hardly get any words out! The reason for this is because I honestly feel like a different person now than that person I was in our first session. I asked for your help as I was binge eating and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it under control by myself. I can clearly see now why I could not and never would have managed on my own as I needed to view things from a whole different angle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you taught me and for all the information and tools you have given me to go forward. I honestly feel like I have just come out of therapy and every aspect of my life is better thanks to our sessions. Also, thank you for your guidance on feeding my fussy son and knowing what to say when my daughter talks about her growing body negatively. It amazes me how much we worked through in such a short space of time. Thank you for doing what you do and being so fabulous!”

“There are times in our life when we feel stuck. When we look at our life, we can become aware that we have placed obstacles in our way . In my case I had built a wall in my mind, so big that not only could I not help myself but I could not allow myself to receive help . Fortunately, this beautiful lady, Denise came my way who believed in me , supported me and encouraged me and helped me see that ,only I had the power to remove that wall.. In a very professional and caring way, using her coaching skills and many years of experience in this area, she supported me in removing that barrier, thus allowing flow in my life. I loved working with Denise because she is sincere, a great listener , has loads of common sense and most importantly a sense of fun and adventure which makes the task in hand seem less daunting.”

The Confident Food Eater Club (6-week programme)

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