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Emotional & Binge Eating Disorder

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“Fantastic! Completed a 4 week course and love love loved it. So informative with simple ideas on how to make/buy/introduce those important healthy food options for myself, my husband & my children. And I would recommend it to any-one interested in making some healthy changes in an enjoyable way. We shared recipes and tried new foods, had great fun (with some lovely ladies) & all this with the wonderful Denise steering our journey. Thank you again Denise!!!!”
“I started to work with FooDee to develop a better relationship with food. I was having digestive troubles suffering with very bad bloating and slow bowel movements. After I worked with Denise, I felt more positive and informed about my diet and what to add to it to make it healthier. Denise is very down to earth, she had put a lot of work into my consultation before our appointment and this was on a bank holiday weekend! Denise is very committed to her job and really wants to help her clients. Her instagram and facebook posts are informative too and can raise morale if feeling sluggish.”

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