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One on One Coaching


If you answer “Yes” to any of these, then Personalised Nutrition is right for you!

  • Does doing the dishes in the evening feels like another deadline you have to meet?

  • Are you frustrated with yourself, you’ve tried many times but still struggle to eat in a way that makes you feel good?

  • Do you want to be confident that you can assess what you are eating, change how you are eating and stick to it?

As different as you are to me in characteristics, your nutrient needs vary. In 2020 personalised nutrition is going to sky rocket. Why? Because your nutrient needs depend on your life-stage, your economics, your health status, your educations, your beliefs, your upbringing and many more. This is why following a generic plan doesn’t work. In my sessions, we take the elements of your life along with the demands of you body and match them into a clear plan for you to practice everyday, until you don’t need to practice it anymore. At that point, you will be feeling content, functioning better at home and at work and as we say in the trade living optimally.

Give yourself permission to invest in yourself.

Download my Covid-19 and immunity article that will support you in making the first step

Learn what YOUR body needs to eat.
Learn what YOUR body needs to eat.
Stop watching what you eat
Stop watching what you eat
Embrace Nutrition with a healthier mindset
Embrace Nutrition with a healthier mindset

My passion is to work with people who are feeling they aren’t functioning as well as they could, who are frustrated with how they are eating and want to change the relationship they have with themselves and their food. If you want to be confident that you can assess what you are eating, change how you are eating and stick to it, then you’ve come to the right place.

What will you notice?

  • Pleasure in what you eat

  • Reduction in cravings

  • A toolkit of activities to keep you on track

  • More energy and enthusiasm in your daily life

  • Gentle broadening of you thinking

  • Deeper connection to your intuition

  • A sense of clarity and control that you haven’t experience before

  • A listening ear for a life

My sessions are typically 60 mins, however the initial assessment may run over to 75 mins. Typically I suggest a programme of 4-6 sessions over a period of 3 months for any significant change to be realised. Each session is €90, payable in advance or at our first meeting.

Initial Consult

A session where we set the scene, I explain what dietary and lifestyle changes I recommend and we agree what’s feasible.

The Work

This is where we will do the work, work to move you forward in your actions to help you achieve your ultimate goal.


All good things come to an end, your success is my success. We will close with feedback and learnings and from there you will fly!

“I have also benefited from a one to one consultation where my health status, (I have an auto immune issue) exercise routine and general diet and wellbeing were looked at in great detail. I came away with a lot of information including a staple shopping list and a huge variety of menu options tailored to me but are also kid friendly and can be adjusted to meat/meat free option.”

“I engaged with Denise to get a better relationship with food and understand diet better. I was feeling hungry a lot and very lethargic in the afternoon and I also had skin issues. When I finished with Denise I had a greater understanding of how food choice can affect you, especially the importance of including protein in meals and snacks and finding alternatives to empty carbs. Denise knows what questions to ask and she really listens to what you are saying. She picks up on little things that you don’t realise are making a difference. She’s the type of person that makes you very comfortable to talk, there is no judgement.”

Are you ready to start your journey?

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