Project Description




My Nutrition and Lifestyle workshops are designed to educate you on how food and lifestyle choices can positively influence your everyday life. If you want to wake up in the morning feeling full of energy, vitality and enthusiasm for all the activities you have lined up then you need to know what food choices you need to make. When you feed your body the right kinds of nutrients this will support all other areas of wellness like exercise, sleep and even your mind.

My workshop promise up to 4 hours of fun and interaction bringing you my knowledge and expertise on food but place a huge emphasis on change,

  • What it is that you can do to create healthier habits that hang around and succeed?

  • How many times have you done the radical overhaul for a couple of weeks and  fallen right back to where you started?

  • Do you want to change that destructive cycle?

  • Do you want to the be HARE or the TORTOISE in your food journey?

While my content is flexible, can be tailored to your group, I outline the areas I am passionate in bringing more awareness to. There are all the areas where I have struggled, these are all areas where I have been learned from and managed myself and my behaviour to come out the other side feeling better right now than I did in my 20s. This is why I want to give these talks, this is why I want you to place your trust in me to share with your my learning from my life and my education to help you feel better in yourself.


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