You literally can choose from so many actions that will support your health that doesn’t involve dieting. In this blog, I share 3 ideas that you might find really helpful that you can get started on.



Don’t waste your time worrying about what you eat. Do bigger and better things.

I remember a client saying to me one time – “I want to think like a thin person”

It stuck with me through the years and over time I reflected on how I could have supported her better.

When I replay the conversation I understand that what she really meant was “I want to think like a normal eater”

And I think that’s what most people who pick up the phone to me want.

  • They want to trust that what they are eating is healthy enough.
  • They want to feel confident and content that they are enough.
  • They want to be physically active and enjoy moving more.
  • They want to eat more fruits and vegetables and enjoy a variety of foods.
  • They want to be free from the binges and stress eating.
  • They want to feel good about themselves and buy clothes.
  • They want to feel the energy to do fun stuff and continue to be successful at work.

They want to know deep down that it’s ok to stop and look after themselves, they can’t fail at that.

That’s a normal eater.

The time normal eaters save by not thinking about food, they use to support their health in other fun, brave and better ways.

Why Wasting Your Time Overthinking Eating Will Never Give You Results.

At every stage of your life, your body has different needs. But, at every stage of your life, your life has different needs.

We don’t all have the same amount of time and energy to invest in ourselves.

However, we don’t have to invest all our time and energy in ourselves either to make an impact.

And this is where we get stuck!

When I asked a client yesterday what one step they could take to become that normal eater…

They blanked…

The small step wasn’t available to her.

Eventually, the small step was so simple that she whispered it “I could take a bath”

Your words reflect your thoughts, your thoughts in the safest of spaces, share the whispers of your heart.

Do you believe in SIMPLE? Do you believe it could be that EASY?

What do you need to hear that it is?

Being empowered in your health means you find your power to understand the demands on your body and analyse the resources and make a choice about what’s the most appropriate change to make. Being empowered means you trust yourself to believe in that simple step whispering from your soul.

Doing bigger things means showing yourself grace is healthy.

The good thing about health is that you have an abundance of choices available to you.

You literally can choose from so many actions that will support your health.

And here are 3 ideas that you might find really helpful that you can get started on.

1. Breathing with intention more often.

The first book I bought on breathing was small and easy, the simplicity drove me to put it back on the shelf. And so I took into reading the science about breathing, I actually trained as a breath coach.

Over time, as I grew closer to simplicity, I read that book…once, twice… I think 10 times. Because it turns out keeping it simple meant that every time I read it, I took in another little gem of info that I believed in and I suddenly noticed my breathing practices changed from “I have to”…to “I want to”

2. Giving hugs more.

Remember Olaf anyone…”I like warm hugs”. Even if you don’t want to receive a hug, giving one feels just as good in your body. Yeah, hugs are good for cortisol (stress) reduction and oxytocin production (happy hormones).

A good old fashioned hug is celebratory, reassuring, comforting, and calming. I truly think sometimes we are afraid to accept the hug because if we do we might just fall, fall apart because we are holding so much in. So it might feel easier to get busy offering out them hugs and you both can receive the benefits.

3. Spend time outside.

I remember Dr Rangan Chatterjee had a podcast one day when I was sitting in the office. He spoke about how our brain interacts with the green and blue of the sky and trees. He spoke of the health benefits and his guest explained what they figured out in the lab to prove this.

I remember most what I felt… I remember thinking “Why am I in here watching the blue sky and the green plants telling myself I should do this”. I remember getting up and going out into my garden barefoot with my coffee and just stopping for 5 mins. I remembered to remember how good it felt in that moment. And I still go outside most days and sit for a few moments, on the good days and especially on the bad days. Go outside for your health.

So right now as you read this, I want you to take stock.

I want you to step back and remind yourself that there is a vast amount of information out there, but you get the CHOICE as to what you want to embrace it and take it into your life.

This is YOUR life.

This is YOUR body.

It is always YOUR choice.

Want to stop wasting your time worrying about eating?

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