Helping you to recover from binge and disordered eating
to find peace in your body, mind and soul.

Hi there, I'm Denise

You are very welcome here. 

My raison d’être (aka purpose) is to support women to heal their relationship with food and overcome binge and disordered eating. I help women, just like you, to strengthen their connection with food and their body, to know their true inner beauty and to deepen their trust in themselves to lead their lives with confidence and authority.

Diet rules have disconnected you from your body, disconnecting you further with yourself and you natural ability to eat, to live a life full of energy and vitality. 

As a binge eating specialist, nutritionist, life coach and psychotherapist in training - I combine professionalism with a compassionate, empathetic and gentle approach to ensure you feel safe and heard in our time together

Quotes from clients

“I came with the goal of feeling in control of how I eat, and left feeling more in control of my life in general. The things that had stuck with me are self kindness, knowing how to nourish my body and mind.”

“I honestly feel like a different person now than the person I was in our first session. I asked for your help as I was binge eating and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it under control by myself. Every aspect of  my life is better thanks to our sessions''

"I wanted to learn how to change my relationship with food, to become an intuitive eater and feel calm about what I eat. I can clearly see now why I could not and never would have managed on my own as I needed to view things from a whole different angle."

Which sounds like you?

“I want help, but not sure if I am ready to invest in a longer term program right now“

Breakthrough Session

  1. We’ll have an initial 90 minute deep dive session to help give you a much deeper understanding into your issues and relationship with food and how to begin healing.

  2. We will then have a 1 hour follow up four weeks later. You’ll also be given the option to also subscribe to my self paced online program - The Confident Eating Solution to continue your journey supporting your health and relationship with food after our time together at a discounted rate.

    225 Euro - introductory price*

“I would like to work with you on a closer basis“

16 week Hybrid program for Binge and Emotional Eating

If you are tired of battling with emotional eating, bingeing, and self-criticism around food the hybrid 1:1 Eating Freely™ transformative program may be just for you. It is designed to help you break free from old patterns and cultivate a healthier relationship with food and yourself.

You will receive a 16 week online program and 4 customised 1:1 coaching sessions with me

Register below and get free access to session 1 to see if its right for you button

“Im looking for more one to one support“

Let's have a chat together

If you know you are tired of trying things and not feeling any better, tired of diets, fed up of trying

My professional reccommendation is to sit down together to get an understanding of how your relationship with food is impacting your health and wellbeing

Together, on this call we can determine which of my signature 1:1 programmes is the best option for you.

How Does A Consultation Work?

  1. Meet for an initial consultation. We will spend approximately 30minutes connecting and getting to know each other. You will share with me your experience, challenges and what you hope to achieve if you choose to work with me. Everyone leaves this session with one action that to make a start on their journey.

  2. Choose the best service for you. Once we have discussed the most appropriate option for you, I will ask you to sign a contract along with payment. Remember my main goal is to make this process easy for you. You will understand when and where you will meet me and how my approach will work for your individual needs. At frequent intervals we will check in to ensure that you are achieving your goals.

  3. Start the process of Healing your relationship with food and yourself. Our work will work on your relationship with food and body, you will learn about nutrition and lifestyle choices that are health supportive. You will notice shifts in how you think and feel around food and your body which leads to natural behaviour change and more headspace to enjoy life! You will feel powerful.

Questions clients often ask

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