Make Health Easy,
Eat So You Enjoy Living

Build your healthy life through a peaceful connection to your food, body and mind and discover happy times with those you love. 

My unique Holistic Nutrition Coaching program is solution focused,and developed from years of blending research and self-development so that you can break free from endless diets and impact your wellbeing beyond the food. 

Find fun and adventure again

Build your confidence to eat peacefully

Eat to live, not live to eat.

Heal your relationship with food so you can find energy, fun and peace.

You’ve found your way here because you have tried countless times to look after yourself and nothing has worked. If I can just master eating better, I will feel better.

And YET you are still searching for that “better” feeling…

What if I told you your dream IS possible?

  • You can feel more energy, and the key is by DITCHING the diet.

  • You can be the person who wants to put on your “active wear” more.  

  • You can start having fun today, you don’t have to wait until you’re fixed. 

  • You feel relaxed about food choices, and nourishing feels effortless. 

  • You don’t have to change, you get to know who you are. 

We build positive relationships by keeping things real.

Hi there, I'm Denise

My heart is full to know that you have landed here. My raison d’être (aka purpose) is to support women to heal their relationship with food. I help women, just like you, to strengthen their connection with food and their body, to know their true inner beauty and to deepen their trust in themselves to lead their lives with confidence and authority. 

It’s time for you to connect with you authentic self and discover your true potential creating a life that is full of energy, fun and self-growth. Diet rules have disconnected you from your body, disconnecting you further with yourself and you natural ability to eat, to live a life full of energy and vitality. 

“I have realised that I was so scared of changing however this process has made me realise I haven’t changed, I have just become more of me.” Sarah 1:1 client

Life is too precious to wait for you to get to know yourself.

Have a read to see if dieting has hindered more than helped in your health goals

You are always hungry and thinking about food.  

You loose motivation to eat, exercise, to do stuff with others. 

You say things like “Sure what the hell?” “I’ll start Monday”. 

You have lost the weight and regained it every time. 

You blame yourself because you can’t get it right. 

You feel out of control around food and often overeat. 

You experience persistent shame and anxiety about eating.

Looking after your health is not supposed to create low energy, self-esteem or motivation. 

Eating is not meant to cause distress. 

What Clients Say

“I came with the goal of feeling in control of how I eat, and left feeling more in control of my life in general. The things that had stuck with me are self kindness, knowing how to nourish my body and mind.”

“I honestly feel like a different person now than the person I was in our first session. I asked for your help as I was binge eating and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it under control by myself. Every aspect of  my life is better thanks to our sessions''

"I wanted to learn how to change my relationship with food, to become an intuitive eater and feel calm about what I eat. I can clearly see now why I could not and never would have managed on my own as I needed to view things from a whole different angle."

How the Confident & Eating Solution approach works

Confidence & Eating with FooDee, the easy way!

  1. Meet for an initial consultation. We will spend approximately 30minutes connecting and getting to know each other. You will share with me your experience, challenges and what you hope to achieve if you choose to work with me. Everyone leaves this session with one action that to make a start on their journey.

  2. Choose the best service for you. Once we have discussed the most appropriate option for you, I will ask you to sign a contract along with payment. Remember my main goal is to make this process easy for you. You will understand when and where you will meet me and how my approach will work for your individual needs. At frequent intervals we will check in to ensure that you are achieving your goals.

  3. Start the process of Healing your relationship with food and yourself. Our work will work on your relationship with food and body, you will learn about nutrition and lifestyle choices that are health supportive. You will notice shifts in how you think and feel around food and your body which leads to natural behaviour change and more headspace to enjoy life! You will feel powerful.

Let’s get under that iceberg. You are the expert in your body, I am the expert in guiding you to develop trust and confidence so you can make the food and body choices that feel mentally and physically healthy for you.

I know how hard it is to connect with your body while living in a diet culture that pushes food morality and body perfection onto you.

I also know that letting go of food rules and finding confidence in your body, in yourself allows you to experience more joy and pleasure in life. Download your guide that will start your transformation to a peaceful and happy relationship with food leaving you feeling empowered in your body today.

Life is too precious to wait.

Questions clients often ask

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