What if you actually loved looking after yourself?

Right now...

You are tired, and yet you desperately want to feel healthy, to feel fire and passion in your belly.

Right now...

You are beginning to think there’s no point in trying again and yet you know deep down, that’s not you either.

And if you are anything like an older version of me...

You are confused as heck, overthinking everything, trying anything you hear of ad hoping that the next thing will work.

Well, that’s where you are wrong!

Anything is possible when you learn

You are STRONG.

You are BRAVE.

You are CURIOUS.

That is why I have packaged up everything that I have learned, so that you can use all of that energy in a way that is going to blow your mind.

You deserve to give yourself the gift of REAL support if your eating behaviours are getting in the way of you living your best life and loving it.

“ I achieved my goal and much more than I could have imagined. The programme gave me such a sense of empowerment and helped me realise my unlocked potential. My quality of life overall has massively improved, I reaped so many benefits I wouldn't have even considered prior to starting "

A Confident Mammy

Why Choose My Approach?

Choose to work with me today to support your health, to support that Confident YOU that is waiting to be set free.

Choose to work with an approach that focuses on nourishing and nurturing all of YOU - body, mind and soul.

A Unique and Powerful Coaching Program for Mum’s with busy lives and AMBITION to burn.

A six month programme with:

Weekly 50-minute Private Coaching sessions with Denise: practising strategies that you can use in your long and fun-filled future that facilitate physical and emotional growth.

Mindset Videos: 12 videos that are designed to challenge and inspire you to change your relationship with food, learn to manage stress and connect with yourself in a peaceful and productive way.

Membership in the Confident Eating Cafe: It takes a community to become a Confident person. Join a tribe of women who want to be inspired and to inspire each other.


Payable by PayPal & payment plans available. 

Women I work with tell me that they are playing tennis again, they’ve gotten into a swimsuit for the first time in years! They’ve jumped on the trampoline with their children, they’ve decided to try out making kombucha because they are curious not because they feel they have to! They don’t binge any longer or berate themselves for eating food to support a difficult emotional time, they can decide what they want in a cafe and no longer feel shame about it, and they relax in their expectations of themselves!

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