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I see you. 

You’re a busy woman who’s literally ticking by, nothing and everything is wrong and you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

You have put time and effort into looking after your family, working hard so you create the life of your dreams. 

And one day you realised you’ve ticked all those boxes and you are not living the dream.

You’re there, after the slog, you are finally there and it’s just not right.

What is missing? 


Does coffee get you going for the day and wine, chocolate and crisps help you end the day?


Are you frustrated by your clothes, body, grocery shopping, stress eating, endless house jobs, constant emails, drops and collects, to-do lists, time...never having enough time.


There is no time, and you know you have the time but your inner mean girl is shouting “I don’t matter”... “It’ll be too hard for you”... “I can’t have it all”... “I shouldn’t want more”... “It never worked for you before”.

Fun is missing. 

You know you want to have fun, you are tired of being so serious and switched on all the time. You need to feel free again to do the silly stuff.


You know there is another way, you know the diet never delivered. And yet you don’t trust that you can pull it off.

What if you began to trust the deeper intelligence inside you, the part of you that is wiser than your logical brain?

What if you listened to your internal wisdom to hear what it is your body needs?

How would it feel to?

  • Trust you body to be able to ask yourself “What do I need now?”. And instead of lecturing yourself about all the reasons you shouldn’t go get that, you become your own cheerleader, you listen and learn from yourself.

  • Shed the weight of all the shoulds, the weight of having to keep up. You throw out the clothes, and tins of jackfruit lurking in the kitchen (what even is jackfruit?), you ask for a promotion, you speak out to those around you who comment on your body or food choice.

  • Fall in love with moving, whether it’s dancing, yoga, cycling, or walking, that you choose to get out most days because you matter enough to yourself. What if that choice to matter meant you wanted to learn more about exercise and choose a class that equally challenges you and supports you.

  • You could give yourself a break, take the pressure off having to fix yourself and allow yourself to learn how to care for yourself. You were not shown how to take care of your health for the long term and that's ok. You can learn by using your smart brain along with your inner wisdom to guide you.

  • No longer fearing cooking, shopping and feeding yourself and your family. Imagine that you are an inspiration to your friends and family. Busy looking after yourself, feeling great and giving them the permission to do the same for themselves.

  • Know that discovering who you are is not so scary after all, it’s not about changing being who you are, it’s about discovering what identities are taking too much of you. The good daughter, the wife, the mother, the sister, the employer…what if you find your voice.

The Confident Eating Solution is a self paced guided online programme that sets you to have your healthiest life, built around a healthy relationship with food and with yourself. 

You will be supported each week with ACCOUNTABILITY sessions with me and the other enrolled women in the course to answer any questions and guide you through this journey to healing your relationship with food and supporting yourself.

By the end of The Confident Eating Solution, you will have..

Discovered who it is you want to be and how you can lead yourself to being that person. When everything feels out of control it is hard to resist the urge to just try the diet one more time.

You will have created a new relationship with food AND a new relationship with YOURSELF. This is something you cannot fail at.

My unique skill is to help you discover what it is that you’ve been distracting yourself from doing and then we get busy doing that. Food is a catalyst for so many things; health, fun, celebration, energy, culture, exploration, making friends. Food is a catalyst for CONFIDENCE. And so we start with the food…if it is distracting you from becoming your BEST SELF, then let’s get busy making space for you to have more.

And let’s make that easy. A simple plan with effective results.

What is included in The Confident Eating Solution program?

  • Weekly accountability sessions with myself and the other women enrolled in the program to answer any questions and guide you through this.

  • 30 hours of self-paced educational videos, pdfs tools and resources.

  • LIFETIME access to the course and its tools, along with any new resources that will be added.

  • Includes lessons on intuitive eating, self-care, gentle nutrition, managing your thoughts, and strategies to build your relationship with food and yourself.

Hey, I’m Denise and I help you become the Leader in your Life. 

I support you to break free from the belief the diet is going to change everything. I offer you all the supports you need to look after your health, just without the illusion that food can fix everything. I help you find the confidence create the life that you truly desire without it feeling so hard.

Over the of years I’ve supported women who are busy to start taking action to care for themselves now, and stop waiting until everyone else is sorted. I have 100% confidence in my unique approach because the first person I supported was myself, and I continue to invest my time and energy in bringing the best version of me to YOU. I have created unique 1:1 and group programmes that I offer online and in person so that you can:

  • Create a health attitude and peaceful relationship with food, your body and your mind.

  • Build a routine that creates energy within you for all that you want to achieve in life.

  • Discover self-care is not selfish, it’s a necessity and it’s easy.

  • Develop understanding and resilience to the ebb and flow of life, and still thrive.

  • Empower you to grant yourself permission to stretch and grow.

  • Be surprised at the person you are creating, the person who is taking action.

  • Live a healthy life that has more fun, freedom and passion.

Do you want more? Take the first step.

My process works around 5 pillars and it is a CURIOUS roadmap to leading your healthy life.

What my clients say...

“Of course there are times when I fall off the wagon (which pre-FooDee could last months) but Denise, in her non-judgmental manner helps me find a way to get right back in the saddle and onwards again. I really enjoy the insightful way in which Denise helps me develop a positive and fun relationship with food, exercise and general well being, in a way full of humour and wisdom.” - Mary

“I had so much to say and so much to thank you for at the end of our final session but as you could see I was overcome with emotion when I had to say goodbye and could hardly get any words out! The reason for this is that I honestly feel like a different person now than that person I was in our first session. I asked for your help as I was binge eating and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it under control by myself. I can clearly see now why I could not and never would have managed on my own as I needed to view things from a whole different angle!” - Jessica

“There are times in our life when we feel stuck. When we look at our life, we can become aware that we have placed obstacles in our way. In my case I had built a wall in my mind, so big that not only could I not help myself but I could not allow myself to receive help . Fortunately, this beautiful lady, Denise came my way who believed in me, supported me and encouraged me and helped me see that, only I had the power to remove that wall.” - Louise

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