A Community of Powerful Women on a Well-Being Journey Beyond Diets.

The Accessing your Core community is based on three core principles that will benefit both your body and your mind

I’ve met plenty of clients who are eating better, mediate lots, adopted the sleep routine, are moving more but STILL don’t feel HEALTHY. 

They tell me that they know what to eat, but they don’t eat it. 

They know it’s good to move often, but they struggle to be consistent. 

They know that they need to look after their emotions and they want to feel less overwhelmed and at peace BUT they are stuck. 

While knowledge is important, why is it that we cant seem to stick with what we are learning?

It's because Emotions, personal circumstances, and the challenges of life get in the way.

That's where I saw a need for this community, and the idea for Access Your Core was born.

I have worked with countless women to help them to heal their relationship with food and find that peace again

This community is focused around these five essential elements:

🍏 Consistency:  You will go from lacking in motivation to becoming consistent in your actions towards healthy life choices that work for you.

🍏 Commitment: You will learn how to shift away from toxic self-blame and grow the belief that you are more than enough.

🍏 Compassion: To silence that inner critic and create safety to find and use your true voice.

🍏 Connection: You will connect with your true self and realise that your potential goes beyond what you could have ever imagined.

🍏 Curiosity: You will explore and question rigid dietary restrictions, allowing you to discover fun, joy and connection to food again.

Inside the community, you will have access to:

Monthly 90-minute coaching sessions with Denise, covering various themes and offering personal support (recorded for your convenience).

A non-judgmental group chat community to connect with like-minded women on their self-discovery journey.

Weekly support, accountability, motivation, and challenges as a part of your membership.

PLUS you will enjoy bonus masterclasses with guest speakers on topics like intuitive eating, nutrition, self-empowerment, and more, empowering you on your path to self-confidence and self-esteem.

EUR 39.99 monthly subscription

Get Ready To Reclaim Your Inner Power and Get Real About Self Care this November

I am looking for 15 women to join me at our exclusive founding member rate of 39.90 per month

Are you with us?

Hey I’m Denise, officially, a Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach on a mission to help you discover food freedom and happiness in your  mind and body, but a bit of a messer and dreamer at heart.

All said though I will guide you from food fear to food freedom, helping you discover what truly makes you happy and content in your body.

I have been there, too, battling confidence issues and anxiety, and found my path to a more fulfilling life through connecting with her true self, I know the fluff of it all but I am so glad i did because today I feel mostly content and I am way more fun.

I truly believe in the power of support and sharing experiences to turn past diet pain into something beautiful. 

“True beauty is knowing who you are and what you want, and never apologising for it” - Alecia Beth Moore (Pink)

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