“I came to FooDee to help me, with what felt like a lifetime of issues with my digestive system. No matter what i ate or didn’t eat, i always had some pain or other, along with constant bloating.

After just a few sessions with Denise, i was pain and symptom free for the first time in over 10 years. I can’t tell you how good that felt and continues to feel to this day. In addition to working on my diet, i particularly liked the life coaching aspect to our sessions. Through the busy hectic world we live in, I had forgotten to make time for myself and focus on my needs. I now feel a sense of empowerment and less guilty about taking time out every day.

Thank you so much!  — for giving me the tools, that now enable me to eat my way to a happier, healthier me and to practice the lost art of personal reflection :)”

“After years of gut and bowel issues a friend recommended I have a chat with Denise . 
Within 5 minutes of meeting Denise I knew she was someone who was going to help me… 
Denise helped me change my relationship firstly with myself and then with food. Denise was amazing and I haven’t felt this well in years. 
I would highly recommend Denise as a nutritional therapist she has changed my life . Thank you Denise.”
“Thank you for yesterday Denise. The call really helped to clarify some things for me on a very personal level. I felt very sad after and think I have been repressing even more than I originally thought! On reflection I think food was the one area in all my life’s chaos that offered me some control but I think you are right about blood sugars so I will try balance them out and see what happens. Thanks again for taking the time out to talk to me”
“I was very lucky to win a coaching session with Denise. Within a few days we had arranged an appointment. I was quite apprehensive at the start as i was unsure what to expect. Once we began our session i felt instantly relaxed. Denise began by explaining her qualifications and what areas she could help me with. We decided to focus on one particular area which i needed to improve on. I really liked the way Denise asked the right types of questions where I helped myself. At no stage did Denise tell me what to do. She offered wonderful guidance and support. At the end Denise offered me excellent advice and tips on how to improve my immunity. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone who needs some nutritional advice or to help them develop their well being. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️”
“There are times in our life when we feel stuck . When we look at our life, we can become aware that we have placed obstacles in our way . In my case I had built a wall in my mind, so big that not only could I not help myself but I could not allow myself to receive help . Fortunately, this beautiful lady, Denise came my way who believed in me , supported me and encouraged me and helped me see that ,only I had the power to remove that wall.. In a very professional and caring way, using her coaching skills and many years of experience in this area, she supported me in removing that barrier, thus allowing flow in my life. I loved working with Denise because she is sincere, a great listener , has loads of common sense and most importantly a sense of fun and adventure which makes the task in hand seem less daunting. ”
“I enjoyed the presentation and took a good few notes away with me, can’t wait to look up the few book titles you gave us too! As a Nanny rather than the parent, I went away feeling quite positive, I think the girls I look after are on the right track, I just need to work on making food more fun perhaps, like when you mention bringing in imagination. ”
“Your discussion last night explained clearly and simply a simplified and chilled approach to feeding children. I admire your passion, knowledge and chilled “no beating around the bush” advise 😃. ”
“My journey with Denise has been an extremely positive experience. I learned so much about food, exercise and health – both in terms of fuel and enjoyment. I look forward to our sessions in which Denise points me in the right direction but lets me find my own way which is hugely satisfying and exciting! Of course there are times when I fall of the wagon (which pre FooDee could last months) but Denise, in her non-judgmental manner helps me find a way to get right back in the saddle and onwards again. I really enjoy the insightful way in which Denise helps me develop a positive and fun relationship with food, exercise and general well being, in a way full of humour and wisdom.”
“That was a super talk, thank you so much. I will look through the materials you are going to send and see if I can make some changes. I will probably book in with you for a one to one appointment just to sharpen up on how to approach it all. Your comments in relation to their patterns as babies has got me thinking too. There is a lot to unpack out of that for me I think! ”
“Working with Denise has helped me to rebuild my confidence and believe in myself again. During and after each session I felt totally at ease with myself and had the confidence to go out and get things done. Denise meets you where you are at in your life and is always helping you to see how things are and how they could be. If I had to sum her up in one word, it would be…genuine.”
“Thank you so much for your time this evening. It has been so helpful, my son has definitely been on a blood sugar rollercoaster. I am very excited to use different language and lay more boundaries with him.”
“I found Denise very personable and has exceptional nutrition knowledge. She is a very caring person and this really came through in our sessions together. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives or indeed in their health”
“Would definitely recommend FooDee 4 week course. Course delivered in a relaxed, easy to follow way with lots of delicious, healthy tasters to try every week. It has made me think about what I put on my plate and in my girls lunch boxes to get the balance right. Denise is passionate about her subject and certainly has made me passionate about good wholesome food. Thanks Denise x”
“Having completed a Food Matters programme with Denise I can happily say our eating habits have changed for the better. Practical information delivered in a fun interactive class! Enjoyed every aspect of the course!”
“I have just recently completed the Food Matters programme by FooDee. The course was well structured ,informative and communicated. It is a super course and Denise is passionate about nutrition and assisting others in improving their diets. I loved it and highly recommend FooDee to help you with all your nutritional needs. It was relaxed and fun.”
“Fantastic! Completed a 4 week course and love love loved it. So informative with simple ideas on how to make/buy/introduce those important healthy food options for myself, my husband & my children. And I would recommend it to any-one interested in making some healthy changes in an enjoyable way. We shared recipes and tried new foods, had great fun (with some lovely ladies) & all this with the wonderful Denise steering our journey. Thank you again Denise!!!!”
“Just finished a 4 week group forum called “Food Matters” where we learned the importance of understanding a good nutritional diet and what goes into our food, ie sugars and fats and a huge awakening as to what we are putting into our bodies when it comes to processed foods and sugary snacks/drinks. I highly recommend this course if nothing more than to educate yourself about food choices from the supermarket shelves as we all have busy days where we need to make a family dinner in a hurry so it’s knowing which pre-made jar of sauce is the better option or if the full fat option is actually more nutritious than the low fat or sugar free. The course was carried out in a very relaxed environment and there were lots of giggles along the way! Thank you FooDee for giving your time sharing your knowledge and the fabulous tasters every week.”
“I have also benefited from a one to one consultation where my health status, (I have an auto immune issue) exercise routine and general diet and wellbeing were looked at in great detail. I came away with a lot of information including a staple shopping list and a huge variety of menu options tailored to me but are also kid friendly and can be adjusted to meat/meat free option.”
“I started to work with FooDee to develop a better relationship with food. I was having digestive troubles suffering with very bad bloating and slow bowel movements. After I worked with Denise, I felt more positive and informed about my diet and what to add to it to make it healthier. Denise is very down to earth, she had put a lot of work into my consultation before our appointment and this was on a bank holiday weekend! Denise is very committed to her job and really wants to help her clients. Her instagram and facebook posts are informative too and can raise morale if feeling sluggish.”
“I went to Denise for weight loss. I felt great after our discussion. Denise has a wonderful way of explaining things in a language people understand. She doesn’t over complicate things.”
“I engaged with Denise to get a better relationship with food and understand diet better. I was feeling hungry a lot and very lethargic in the afternoon and I also had skin issues. When I finished with Denise I had a greater understanding of how food choice can affect you, especially the importance of including protein in meals and snacks and finding alternatives to empty carbs. Denise knows what questions to ask and she really listens to what you are saying. She picks up on little things that you don’t realise are making a difference. She’s the type of person that makes you very comfortable to talk, there is no judgement.”
“I worked with Denise for weight loss, digestive troubles and thyroid troubles. I was always tired and hungry. When we finished I had more energy and lost some weight. I always avoided carbs. Denise introduced carbs into my diet which I was craving and explained how I really need carbs in my diet because I was exercising 5 days a week. I think she provides a great service, she takes time to listen to her clients needs. ”
“I would highly recommend working with Denise. Denise created a safe space that allowed me explore and ultimately reframe my situation & move forward positively. Leaving our sessions I felt armed with new skills and knowledge that set me up for success. She is a skilled coach and a very warm and calming presence and I look forward to working with her again in the future. ”

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