Lose The Emotional Weight

Who hasn’t been lured in by the headline “Lose 7lbs in 7 days”.

Something that struck me the most when I asked the women I work with about what they wanted…

Weight loss was one thing that they wanted, but when they went deeper, the women shared what they hoped to gain by going on a diet. Just stop and pause for a moment…

What is it for you that you are looking for deep down?

Love…power…money…sexiness…a promotion…confidence??

What’s even more interesting is that the DIET even if they stuck to it, never did deliver all those wants. They shared that they continued to feel unhappy in their body, they felt exhausted watching every morsel they eat and more.

The hard truth is admitting it’s time to let go of what you’ve always believed in.

When we speak in the non-diet word of shunning diets…we are not suggesting that you drop those wants.

We are suggesting that when you follow an intuitive eating approach, which isn’t just about the food, it’s an approach that really does allow you to work towards achieving those deeper wants and desires.

When you eat intuitively, yes you will drop the disordered eating behaviours…

but you also become the person who actively looks after YOURSELF, your health and well-being.

Here’s how my approach as a nutrition and lifestyle coach can help you out of FEELING STUCK and into productive ACTION, to focus your energy on what I know you can definitely achieve.

I help you to forgive your past.

Diet culture likes to make you think that it is your lack of willpower or control that means you are not losing weight, not able to eat according to the rules everyday or that you are not enough. And well, diet culture is wrong, not you.

However, it’s amazing how our past keeps interrupting our present.

There are many reasons why our past influences our eating patterns right now that range from a flippant comment from a dance teacher, an introduction to weight watchers as a child or even a failed exam.

What keeps the spiral of behaviour unhelpful is when we continue to blame ourselves for not being able to do the impossible, to blame ourselves for allowing that one comment to fuel our actions.

What scares you from trying a different approach is because you haven’t learned YET how to be compassionate with yourself.

To move forward, you have to find comfort that the younger you was protecting you in the best way it knew how and that it’s time to leave it there.

I help you to feel better about what you do.

Diet culture, impossible beauty and fitness standards and the pressure to be the very BEST Mammy, Wife, Friend, Professional or Woman keep you spinning in a downward spiral of chaos and constant confusion.

The women I work with want to look after themselves, but they are stuck because they live and eat by a thousand ‘should’s’, they swing between one extreme and the next diet, never finding what they want.

They fail to see how truly amazing they are managing all of those balls in the air. They struggle to celebrate every single step they take to look after themselves because they STILL feel like they are not doing enough.

Our world right now keeps pushing us towards these ideals, creating an environment and sense of ‘never enough’.

It takes intentional thoughts to draw your awareness back to your strengths, to your uniqueness and to your power.

It takes a formidable woman with the strength to shun the fakeness and to be different while we practice embracing our exceptional skills so that they serve us well.

I help you put Power behind your Confidence.

My strongest belief is that you are the best expert of yourself.

However I know you are scared to actually be yourself, because it means you will have to step outside of your comfort zone, be different.

Us humans are strongly attached to conforming and staying comfortable. Paradoxically, we have a desire to grow and develop. And when these two parts of our being are at odds with each other, we struggle to take action.

It’s in all our interests to become MORE of ourselves, to step into bold risky action more often. When we let go of our past, the shame, the guilt, the anger, the criticism, we make way to become more attuned to ourselves. If you are already on your Intuitive Eating journey, you will know that attunement is central to a peaceful relationship with food.

Intuitive eating helps you to connect and tune into your body. Mixing intuitive eating with managing your thoughts, well that’s a whole new ball game ladies. That is why my approach helps you to bring safety to growing confidence and taking consistent productive action.

Ladies’ health, in itself, is very complex but it is possible to be healthy by learning to BELIEVE in yourself.

I am not here to inspire you to eat better for your health by telling you a load of should’s/shouldn’ts about eating and looking after yourself. It’s not an approach that worked for me or the women I am lucky to work with.

We all wanted more for ourselves, to make our lives better in a way that feels right for us.

I am here to show you your superpowers, and support you to embrace living them everyday.

As you develop a sense of compassion with yourself, you start to see all the parts of you that you have been trying to hide. You start to notice yourself and feel inspired by you.

I hold you in those moments until you no longer feel afraid of you.

I have one question for you right now, how uncomfortable does all this make you feel?

If you feel really uncomfortable, that’s amazing. Reach out to me and let me know what is going on in your mind.

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